Maħżen Poeżija

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Maħżen Poeżija has the aim to bring forward Modern and Contemporary Maltese poetry to a wider audience: from students at school to students studying at higher levels, from researchers of the Maltese language to those who simply love to read Maltese and wish to know more about the ever changing texture of our poetic tradition.

Raħal il-Letteratura

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Raħal il-Letteratura is a pilot initiative by HELA Foundation (Hub for Excellence in the Literary Arts), which aims to celebrate literature and promote it in various ways in Rabat. This initiative is spread out over three years, and has just been awarded the President’s Prize for Creativity by the Office of the President and Arts Council Malta.

Raħal il-Letteratura: The Literary Walk

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Today you might have decided to come to Rabat to see the sights, but want something unconventional and extraordinary. Maybe you are a fan of literature and wish to venture around places in Malta which have literary significance. If one of these scenarios applies to you, today is your lucky day! From Mdina’s ditch back to Howard Gardens, you shall be visiting historical sites with all sorts of genres and styles, including mystery. In short, there is something for everyone on this literary walk. Without further ado, welcome to Rabat. We wish you a pleasant journey!

Supported by

Arts Council Malta

Creative Industries Platform

Project co-ordinator: Clare Azzopardi

With the help of: Kirsty Azzopardi, Leanne Ellul and Albert Gatt

Proofreader: Dwayne Ellul

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